We have worked closely with Stafford Borough Council, Staffordshire Police, Staffordshire Fire department, Environmental Health, Health & Safety Departments and Licensing Department putting COVID 19 secure measures in place.

We must stick to all the guidelines for your safety

Stafford Walking Street Market
Barriers at entrances will be manned by SIA security staff and stewards, at will be ‘active’ from 3.50pm this is where ‘Wash Stations’ and ‘signing in’ with NHS QR code will be available, during the first Walking Styreet in April the rukle of six/two households will be in force and table service for eating and drinking  .

Hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes are to be used on entry and on all stalls

Masks are to be worn as much as possible during the event except when eating or drinking, under 11’s are not required to wear masks or those with underlining health issues (wearing masks is safety measure to act as a simple barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from travelling into the air and onto other people when the person wearing the mask coughs, sneezes, talks, sings or raises their voice)


Security, alongside stewards, will monitor the number of attendees at any one time.

We will set small groups of chairs near one another – no more than six to a table or group – while still providing plenty of opportunities for social distancing. Family groups can stay together, otherwise follow social distancing guidelines (2m, or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable, is acceptable) at the venue.

***RULE OF SIX – Keep to your bubbles/households **

Attendees with children are responsible for supervising them at all times and should follow social distancing guidelines.

Clear guidance on social distancing and hygiene will be explained to people on arrival

Cashless payments are preferred.

We have hired toilets for the event and will be situated in Market Street. Please sanitise your hands BEFORE and after using

Regular announcements to remind customers to follow social distancing advice and disinfect/clean their hands regularly by 107.3 Stafford FM Roadshow Stage .

Staff will responsible for disinfecting any tables on site used by the public regularly and after public have moved away.

****For the safety of staff please place your rubbish in the bin liners provided ****