We are a business with a network of key people on our books to help your event, fundraiser or festival run effortlessly, professionally and cost-effectively whatever the theme.

We have successfully helped numerous events and projects here in Staffordshire and abroad over the past seven years.  We are extremely adaptable and resourceful with good communication, problem-solving and ‘people’ skills.

Our motto is “Everything can be achieved with a positive attitude”.

The services we can provide you are described and explained in great detail here.


LR Partnership’s monthly Newsletter.

We produce a monthly Newsletter to help spread the word of all the upcoming events including monthly competitions.  So if you want to keep up to date with events or wish to advertise in the Newsletter make sure you sign up


The LRP Team

Let me introduce you to the team behind the scenes:

Lorraine – lorraine@lrpartnership.co.uk

Owner/ Manager

Nikki – nikki@lrpartnership.co.uk

Events Coordinator        

Matt – matt@staffsfest.co.uk

Project Manager



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