Sunday, Apr. 22, 2018

Terms and conditions for vendors

Payment is to be sent as detailed on the booking form at the time of booking a stand. Bookings will only be honoured with payment received within 14 working days. The Organisers cannot reserve sites without payment and reserves the right to resell if payment has not been received within the agreed invoiced time period.

Bookings for exhibition space are taken on the understanding that the service or products offered by you will not cause offence and will be professionally displayed on the exhibition stand.

If you require insurance documents, make sure they are current and cover Public Liability for events you attend outside your normal place of work. You are not required to send a copy of your current Public Liability documents to The Organisers but by signing this form you confirm and acknowledge you have cover (therapists)

All electrical equipment supplied by yourself as an exhibitor for use on your stand is covered by a PAT certificate (if more than 3 yrs old). If your equipment is, new it should already comply with PAT standards but please ensure there are no loose connections or other potential problems, which may give rise to a fire. All electrical equipment must be safely placed on your stand with no wires causing a hazard for anyone visiting or exhibiting in the event

You will not display your service or products beyond the space you have purchased. If you are found to be taking up, more space than was allocated and purchased at the time of booking you will be asked to reduce the stand size to the original specification.

No sub-letting of your stand or distribution of marketing material of businesses other than your own is allowed.

The database supplied to you after the event is for your own personal business use only. It is for use to send information to visitors about your service/product displayed at the event. The database is the sole ownership and copyright of The Organisers. It will not be lent, shown or sold onto any other party by you.

Cancellation of booking;

Any cancellation made in less than four working weeks before the date of the fayre will not qualify for a re-imbursement of payment.

If products are not to the standard described on your application form or were not declared on your application form The Organisers reserve the right to request the removal of articles and to cancel any future bookings with refund of deposit.

The Organisers request a high standard of display and this is a requirement and a condition of acceptance.

Your display area must be kept neat and tidy at all times.

After dismantling your display ensure sure that your area is clean and tidy

Any unoccupied stands will be dressed or re-allocated or by the Organiser as we see fit before the commencement of the Exhibition.

Due to venue licensing exhibitors may not bring in their own alcoholic goods for own consumption or serving to visitors

Your display must be fully set up, manned 10 minutes before show opening times. Your stand must be manned by you or your staff at all times during show opening hours.

Your display can only be dismantled after closing time and not before.

The exhibitor shall not have any claim whatsoever against The Organisers in respect of any loss or damage, consequent upon the Fair/Exhibition failing (for whatsoever reason) or the venue being or becoming wholly or partially unavailable for the holding of the event for whatsoever reason.

The Organisers reserve the right to manage the show in every aspect as they deem appropriate and to remove any individual they deem not suitable for whatsoever reason.

The Organisers reserve will undertake to make all reasonable attempts to provide necessary services for the smooth operation of the Exhibition but accept no responsibility for the breakdown or failure of such services.

The Organisers cannot guarantee how many visitors will attend any event.