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It seems that more and more people in business are starting to realise that social media, though free to set up and use, really does not do much unless you put a lot into it and that means time, effort and knowledge.

Many companies these days are either outsourcing social media management to expert marketing agencies or employing someone in to the role of  ‘Social Media Manager’. Both these options come at a cost from a of £250 to upto £10,000 per month for external management. £12,000 – £20,000 to employ someone directly or asking a junior member of the admin staff to take on the role alongside their other duties, which often is only remembered at 4.50 pm on Friday

If you’re still holding back, telling people that you’re ‘too busy’ to spend any time getting to grips with social media; still “getting by” on the business that trickles in from the newspaper or the Yellow Pages you need to start to utilise one of the latest and most valuable tools for business

How we can help you and your business to achieve new levels through social media is by providing you with our social media management services. It will also give you instant exposure and increase your brand awareness and expose your business to a far greater market than previously experienced

Social Packages

We offer different levels of social media support packages, according to what best suits your company. We know the importance of social media for business, but we also know that the pricing involved in taking people on to supply it is a big factor in deciding if it is right for you. We provide our social media support to medium to small businesses and charities, and it is becoming increasingly important to have your social media marketing strategy spot on because we know how important it is

We offer;

Facebook business/community page setup

Twitter account setup

Updates per day and bi weekly across all platforms

Community Management including engagement and interaction leading to increased ‘Facebook Likes’ and ‘Twitter Followers’

Increase on views and reach

Raise awareness of your brand, service or business  

Respond to comments and interaction on all posts or tweets

LRP Social Media Services

The Process

When we start working with a new client, we always start with a consultation to find out where the business is with their digital marketing and what they want to achieve. The initial consultation is free.

From there we are able to see how much work is required. We often find companies have no content on their website and so we will work with them on their content marketing as well as social media. In the early stages, we are trying to get to know you and your business.

 Social media management: this option is for business owners that want to focus on doing what they do best, running their business! Leave the marketing to us, and we’ll tweet and post for you, write articles and generally spread the word about your great organisation.


Plans & Pricing

From £50 per month

 We can help you with extending your reach, likes and social media profile, devising new and exciting posts. Tell us your budget and we can let you know what we can do for you

We can help you with raising you profile and extending your reach, likes and social media profile, devising new and exciting posts

Twitter and Facebook

Writing blogs

Writing press releases for local media including radio stations

Adding you event to local ‘what’s on’ websites or suitable website to promote your business

Running campaigns via social media to raise awareness

Editing and or managing website posts

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