Sunday, Sep. 22, 2019

Event Management



Depending on your requirements we can aid in the organisation of your event or take the entire headache away and organise the complete event for you


Events Bronze Package

Weekly Fee

From £75.00

( I month minimum time from starting to plan event to date of event)

Will contact and book stallholders

Daily posting to Twitter and Facebook

1 post per day


Silver Events  Package

Weekly From £250.00

We’ll build your online brand into a powerful leader in your local marketplace.

All the benefits of the micro package, plus…

1 blog each week on the run up to your event

Press releases

Full promotion of event on  social media 

More Direct Engagement with your fans / followers


Events Gold Package

One off fee

From £1,250

Complete organisation of your event

All the benefits of the silver package, plus…

Floor plan and logistc emails to all stallholders

Distribution of flyers/posters 

Physically present throughout the event

5 Blog Articles per month!

Set up and break down of the event

More Direct Engagement with your fans / followers

Promotional campaign for event