2023 dates;

13th April, 11th May, 8th June,13th July, 10th August, 14th September, 26th October, 14th December


The reason why it’s called Walking Street, the concept comes from Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries where several streets are closed to traffic in towns or cities usually on a Saturday or Sunday evening. Stallholders set up shop and the public can meet up to socialise, sample street food, enjoy the mobile bars and local bars, saunter along the retail stalls and town centre shops that stay open, listen to musicians and watch street performances so we wanted to create a similar experience where all ages can come and spend a few hours of fun and entertainment in the heart of our town

Walking Street is in the Market Square and brings the whole town together with late night shopping and the pubs and restaurants all involved . Live bands on stage with Stafford FM Roadshow hosting. An event for all the community to enjoy young or old

For more information as it develops go to Facebook page Stafford Walking Street or Twitter @StaffordWalking

Food vendors, mobile bars, arts & crafts, charities, community projects, businesses, service providers please email Nikki for a booking form on nikki@lrpartnership.co.uk

For other enquiries or if you want to be involved lorraine@lrpartnership.co.uk